The Nation-State is all we have left

/ enero 1, 2018 / The Nation-State is all we have left

By @DavidGuenni

It’s hard to accept it, believe me. Having been politically formed within a Libertarian perspective, the idea that only power can stand up to Power is very disturbing. But realism is the main healthy diet for the survival of Freedom. We all would just love to see «huge bureaucratic structures devolve to the local level», wouldn’t we? But as of right now, the enemy of my enemy is my dearest friend — even if that friend is my sworn ideological arch-rival.

By the way, did anyone notice who the members of these contemporary secessionist movements are? These separatists, from Catalonia to Scotland, from Puerto Rico to California, are all far-Left professional deceivers. This is not a coincidence: it is not by mere chance that the political interests bent on breaking up the Nation-State have these suspicious ideas that all the while contradict their globalist, mega-bureaucratist, authoritarian ideological doctrines.

The main play behind these pushes for “independence” is the rearrangement of geopolitical power after a slow, gradual, incremental, and seamless game of divide-and-rule.

Marxism and neo-Liberalism (often referred to as ultra-Capitalism) are still the two main dialectical hands of Globalism. This is true although the synthesis is getting closer to materializing into a one-dimensional, post-ideological, post-political, and even post-psychological construct. These two “opposing” forces would go to great lengths to either: a) make sovereign Nation-States give up their self-government and pledge allegiance to some supra-national entity, or b) back separatist movements whose “independent” political goals match those of their overlords (who, undoubtedly, are praying for weak countries to take over).

I do not understand how it is that so many wise souls in the Alternative Movement have fallen for showing their support for these Astroturf efforts. We have to accept it: these secessionists want to break away from the last-standing combat unit left in the war for political Freedom today. Study their history and ideas, identify their allegiances, follow the money… it is ever clearer that we are not dealing with David-against-Goliath scenarios here: we are dealing with another chess move in the Fabian-like, Progressive attempt to merge the political pluriverse into the outspoken global village.

Grassroots, Identitarian, national-populist movements have proven an instinctual wisdom in their approach to the currently generalized anti- status quo fight. In turn, just like Globalism does on a different scale and front, separatist puppets manipulate the natural human regard for history, tradition, national heritage and language, identity, and custom, to gain popular traction in the direction of their occult/naive causes. What’s revealed here is a common disdain for Culture (in its true root) – very much like the attitudes displayed by the champions of the very projects they superficially appear to be contesting.

What we are seeing is another generation of typical cases of false-flag, controlled-Opposition politics. But why am I defending the Nation-State, if my ideals and personal philosophy argue against the authoritarian nature of some of the nationalist movements I have alluded to? Because, believe it or not, the old and trembling ships that once set sail from Westphalia remain our only navigation vessels strong enough for us to make it alive to the post- New World Order shores.

Why, you ask? Because the culture that has flourished within those Nation-States has given us a higher social/institutional purpose. It has -although sometimes rather poorly- invented and secured individual rights for most citizens in the Western world. And it has constituted itself an organization that we have grown familiar with, as a middle-range instance that can provide -even if precarious- “shelter” for citizens and families; cohesion in the face of the borderless, transnational monster growing larger every day in its goal of becoming a planetary despotism.

Those wannabe “independent” regions lack that power, and would prove very weak when the time comes to maintain the integrity of their “new” organisms.

Now look at my country: Marxism took over Venezuela and not only crushed the Nation-State but converted its last remnants to serve as mere predators of the Venezuelan people. We lost our country, ended up being foreigners in it, and now we have pretty much no homeland to turn to; only a dream in our hearts and minds, which leaves us completely vulnerable in the face of “one-worldism”.

In other contexts it may seem convenient to plan and execute a secession, but trust me: that is the easy way out that these global creeps are issuing as a weaponized tempting-bait behind the lodge door.

What was -and is!- the solution in Venezuela? The same solution that applies to the whole of the still-free world: the hard one. Re-take your property: your Nation-State; re-conquer your national institutions; re-claim your culture; re-define the limits of local power; re-create the public sphere; re-establish market-oriented, meritocratic, noble elites… In other words -and this may trigger a nervous laugh-, make your countries great again!

Brexit, Trump’s «America first» agenda (because his presidency is ruined), the Colombian referendum’s «NO» vote, the other European authentic national-populists, the Venezuelan Resistance, the anti-UN movements in many Western countries, and so on… these are all fantastic -yet shy- examples of how we could start re-gaining our Freedom through sovereignty and self-affirmation struggles. I could cite many others, but you get the point: an awakening. And we need that Freedom not only to survive but to heal the human species altogether.

Freedom or nothing!

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