Fake news in Venezuela

/ febrero 15, 2017 / Fake news in Venezuela

By @DefendVenezuela of @Rumbo_Libertad

Truth is a harsh fruit to digest. That’s why fake news has been one of the most controversial subjects for a while now —especially in this emasculated West we live in. And it can be related to several phenomena. Be it the anti-Trump whining, Islamic invasion… or a “new” outbreak of Communism. There are always detractors of reality and common sense, who spend their life trying to become powerful at the cost of bending them. This time I’ll talk about those who destroyed my country just like that.

The Communist regime just turned eighteen and from very early on they’ve been protected by both foreign and domestic forces (i.e. the rancid Western elites, China, Iran and Cuba; investors and businessmen, intelligentsia, celebrities, etc.). If you didn’t know that it most likely is because of national and global mainstream media.

When it comes to the game of power in Venezuela each and every single one in the ruling class morbidly craves it. Does this splash over the so called “Opposition”? Of course!

Truth is, this “Opposition” is a coalition of collaborationist parties (known, ironically, as MUD) and they have 3 roles. Primarily, they must do what the KGB did in the “Union days”: induce us to despair through deception (Bezmenov dixit). Secondly, they must hide all bloody atrocities the Communists do under the carpet. They’ve allowed gigantic violations in any shape or size and endorsed many huge electoral frauds over the years. They openly defend this system they call “el legado de Chávez” only because they’ve been feeding themselves with crumbs of power (privileges) within it. And finally, lobby in such way nobody from outside turns their eyes towards us.

By building along with the Communists a façade of dialectics, a well-orchestrated artificial political clash, they can vividly coexist in the shadows and share control of the country. They don’t mind negotiating even their leaders’ Freedom (like political prisoner Leopoldo López negotiated his with druglord Diosdado Cabello the night before he turned himself in). “Macabre” is an understatement for their lust.

In between this sadistic Tango of power, those who hold “big chairs” on mainstream “Opposition” media outlets are also following the Marxist tradition in Venezuelan politics. They’re either sons of Communists who kidnapped governors of other countries or former Communist guerrilla members, or lackeys of the financial allies of the “Revolución”. In short: it’s a big ole red swamp.

Despite persecution and censorship against Freedom of Speech, many interests of the MUD-PSUV political class can make their way to an exception. Abiding by their rules, national mainstream media (controlled mostly by leftist MUD supporters) follows the faux Opposition’s lead on creating hoaxes (like last legislative elections, their “dialog roundtables”, recall referendums and/or impeachments), and cover their smokescreens as if they were authentic news.

But are they content with lying? Of course not! Hell! They saturate Venezuelans with the most mundane content they can come up with. They constantly bombard all sides of the country with trivial and moronic news to suffocate truth in sands of irrelevance like Huxley’s Brave New World dystopia. With the banal content they publish, they want us to be distracted and to not worry about the disaster we live in… and to accept, with the most unconcerned attitude, our own slow death. This suppression has been going on for almost 2 decades.

While children are being sold, they rather talk about genitalia and Barack Hussein’s vacations. No joke. Their newsfeed literally goes from “Man with half-meter penis returns!” to “Obama visited paradisiacal island and practiced kite-surfing“. All in all, there are fake news and crap news in Venezuela.

At planetary scale, global MSM starts its shift and takes it from here. Globalists love supporting (funding) the Left and Chavismo is an apple that didn’t fall far from that tree. They have supported Chávez and many other Marxist Latin American governments in the past. Even though the situation with Chávez’s heir might be different, they deliberately ignore deep concerning subjects. These media organizations repeat the most tabloid-worthy news ad nauseam and either keep or distort reality.

For example, is it true that Venezuela (in words of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal) is a “deficient democracy” or that it is living a “democratic crisis”? Nope. Is it true that this chaos is due to “scarcity issues” (The New York Times)? Nope. Is it true that Maduro’s regime is one of the “least developed democracies” in Latin America (VICE)? Nope. Is it true that the National Assembly approved the impeachment against Maduro (VICE)? Nope. Is it true that the MUD wants Maduro’s head (The Guardian)? Nope. See?

They give you —as always— tiny drops of truth and oceans of lies. You, the reader, most likely do not know or know little about our reality because of the scam these minions call “job”. Why won’t they tell you the MUD is as thuggish as the dictatorship? Or that they beat down their own partisans? Why won’t they tell you about all their business, political and financial ties with the dictatorship [let’s remember: they either sell their soul to chavismo or trade with them] (i.e. “Derwick Associates”, “ServiFoods Este”, “CDDA”, and probably a ton more)? Why won’t they tell you that same “Opposition” is very effective at whistleblowing civic or military operations against Communists? Why won’t they tell you Islamists have been operating in our country for over a decade? Why didn’t they tell you before that the Venezuelan embassy in Baghdad sells Venezuelans passports to anybody who’s able to pay for them? Or, also, that a lot of Islamic proxies use those Venezuelan passports, all sponsored by the current Vice-President Tareck El-Aissami?

Because just like it’s happening in the rest of Western countries, they don’t want you to know the truth. Because with truth comes Freedom. And they want you unaware, gullible, and vulnerable: they want you plugged in; they want to enslave you.

So: what’s happening right now in Venezuela? Communists are preparing themselves for the upsurge of civic revolts that has been augmenting throughout 2016. That’s why Maduro appointed El-Aissami as Vice-President. Whilst Judiciary (TSJ) and Electoral (CNE) powers carry out an outpost for a structural consolidation of the dictatorship, their façade must evolve too. By appointing their governors as members of the Executive, they’re giving a green light to regional elections (municipalities and governorates). Conceding a symbolic (fake) victory to a heavily divided MUD will inject people a poisonous hope that’ll work wonders once the territorial division of the country is re-organized based on a centralization in favor of the Red Military (look up Civic-Major States and Anti-Coup Commands).

Meanwhile, the intelligentsia is acting as a lasso. Many of its members monopolize one message on national mainstream media campaigning in favor of the MUD as the eternal candidates’ basket. They’re begging us to trust the same Socialist mafia that has been giving Communists a free pass for 15 years straight, once again…

It’s very clear. The collapse of the dictatorship is a matter of patience for them. They’re not as hurried as hundreds of babies who die from starvation, or as dozens of mothers who have to sell their children because they cannot feed them, or as hundreds of children fainting in schools because of their malnutrition. While hundreds of thousands get killed and other hundreds of thousands die from starvation, these elites and the mainstream media manipulate you and many others.

Help us members of the Venezuelan Resistance —we are Venezuela’s only hope. Since 2014 we’ve proven we are their only fear. That’s why they have tried so hard to keep our existence compartmentalized. Big enemies must be made to feel small in order to make them vulnerable.

But we will not settle for a shameful Diaspora, for enslavement, or a collaborationist co-government. The problems of these elites are not the problems of the people. These creeps are worried about political tokens, secret agreements, and pacts; their problems are power-related. Our problems are caused by that power: for us, it is a matter of conviction (Molyneux dixit).

We decided to transcend our fight from the mere political and ideological arenas to an open information war. By unveiling the reality of MUD-PSUV’s Communist regime we can crush them once and for all. So we’ve been working on building an Alternative Media to use it among other methods of Civil Disobedience, and cut through the censorship/misinformation fence.

Don’t just disavow them: let’s expose mainstream media and their fake news! Help us debunk their sack of lies and let truth tear their world apart. Spread the word. Share this red pill. Disobey the crooked authority of the elites and their media minions. There is an alternative.

Because, I assure you, we will destroy the web of lies that the system wove. We will destroy Marxism in Venezuela. Their time is up. We will destroy them.

“Glory and Honor to Venezuela.”

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